is Q for me?

Well, the simple answer is, only you will know the answer to that.

The longer answer is, there are some common factors that seem to be present in people that are drawn to attending Q. They are different for all of us, but if some of these resonate, Q might be a good place to check out. For a little fun, take our quiz & find out your Q compatibility score below!



is Q for you?


Do you feel that it is wrong that the church continues to perpetuate homophobia, and treat our LGBTQ brothers & sisters as if they have a problem, while ignoring their own real issues like judgment, greed, hatred, control and so forth?

Do you feel concerned about hypocrisy, whereby people pretend they have a perfect life and all of the answers, when really deep down they can’t have it all together?

Do you have questions about the Bible, Jesus, Christianity, faith, God, spirituality, the afterlife but are afraid to ask people in a church because the forum isn’t set up that way or you are afraid of asking because it seems like a question everyone else already knows the answer to?

Do you consider yourself spiritual, but not religious?

Are you agnostic, or even atheist, but aren’t 100% certain?

Does this statement apply to you, “I used to believe in God, or Jesus, and have positive memories of real spiritual connection, but then at some point I became discouraged by the church and felt I had no choice but to leave?

Do you desire a place to be honest and real about your concerns and struggles, where people can accept you for who you are, not what they want/need you to be?

So you believe in equality between men & women, and all the races, and are tired of caucasian male dominated leadership?

Do you wish there was a place to go where people truly cared?

Are you afraid that if you do go to a smaller church that you’ll stand out like a sore thumb, or people will mob you to become a member if you do go?

Do you feel that if heaven is a place where only the Christians you know of are going & where the angels sing all day long, forever and ever, that sounds more like a kind of hell than ‘heaven’?

Do you swear, and you don’t want to pretend for one hour on a Sunday that you don’t?

Do you feel shame for something you’ve done in your life, that you feel God couldn’t possibly forgive you for?

Do you feel that churches just want people’s money?

Do you think it’s troublesome that many Christians are completely convinced that certain people are hell-bound (ie. gay people, Muslim people, Buddhists, sex lovers etc.)?

Do you think that a religion only concerned about ‘getting into heaven’ is pretty narrow minded? (Like what about this life here on earth?!)

Do you find that in spite of all of your concerns about the church, you can’t shake the feeling that there may be Something bigger than yourself, like a Creator or Higher Power?

Are you curious about a group of spiritual seekers that talk about these things, and try to be honest, respectful, and caring while doing it?

Do you find that you cannot answer some of life’s biggest questions like ‘but who was behind the Big Bang?’ or ‘what if the Creator chose to work through means such as evolution?’ or ‘why have the 12 Steps continued to set countless addicts free through a spiritual experience, when all other methods have failed?’

Do you desire to be part of something meaningful in your life, that really makes a difference in this world, and/or have come to realize that working hard just to buy more ‘stuff’ doesn’t really satisfy long term?

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